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At SEDERE we only aim for excellence.  Our goal is to be able to offer you a complete solution for providing furniture to the hospitality industry.   We have extensive experience and unlimited resources when it comes to manufacturing and developing custom products for this industry.  Working closely with architects, interior designers, hoteliers, purchasing groups and other end users to ensure that their needs are met.

We specialize in the manufacturing of hospitality furniture for many businesses including restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, cafe's, bars and wineries. We strive to keep adding exciting designs and contemporary products to our collections and work only with highly skilled professionals.

As passionate as you are about your establishment, we are too - let's aim for excellence together!


     SEDERE INC is a new and innovative  

     company with +25 years experience in the

     hospitality furniture industry and we are

     here to help and serve you with all your

     hospitality furniture requirements.